Proprætor has been working in various artistic media since childhood.

Self-taught and self-directed in his craft, he specializes in medium-to-large-scale ink drawings and digital paintings. His subject matter has ranged from the esoteric to the macabre, from the fantastic to the grotesque, from desolation to hope.

He regards his artistic mission to be an encoding of the human condition. He takes joy in creating images which present the viewer with an open-ended story, allowing them to fill in the blanks themselves and create their own mysteries. It is his intent to tell as large a story as possible with as few "words" as possible.

Propraetor draws his inspiration from literary sources (Edgar Allan Poe, HP Lovecraft, MR James, and Frank Herbert to name a few), classical masters (Leonardo, Rembrandt, Blake, Bosch, Piranesi, Dürer and most especially Gustave Doré), modern creators (Bacon, Giger, Gorey, Beardsley, Félicien Rops) and no small amount of occultism (Hermeticism, Radical Traditionalism, Thelema, classical paganism, traditional cremonial magick and, of course, the Left Hand Path). 

Proprætor’s visuals are shaped by music and informed by philosophy.


The artist resides in Hamilton, Ontario with his four cats and snake.


"Propraetor's art captures the daemonic and the alien with architectural precision and poetic sensitivity. His work reads like the pictographs one might find on the walls of a cosmic cave."
Richard Gavin (author of The Benighted Path)

"[Propraetor] is an artist that brings dreamy images from the divine gloom. I think his work stops time for the viewer."
Don Webb (author of Through Dark Angles)

"[Propraetor's] alchemic artwork is the perfect mix of art and magick!"
Mike Browning (vocalist/drummer - Nocturnus A.D./After Death)