The base camp has been moved

Salve, citizens.

A lot has been going on in recent history. 

For starters, I have relocated Atelier Proprætoria to Hamilton. Kitchener has served me well, but Hamilton is where I was created. It is where Proprætor was born and where the deepest wellsprings of my inspiration were first truly tapped. It is my correct place and I have returned.

Currently, I am recovering from the move while also arranging vending gigs for early 2018 (close to confirming the first 2 for April) and getting my ducks in a row for other projects. Anno Pestis is proceeding slowly, The Anthropiary of Stonegarden is on hold but not dead and then there are the album covers.

In addition to an upcoming design for the third Echelon album and another unconfirmed cover, I recently completed an album cover for the new death metal band Hellfrost & Fire. While the reveal of this cover is on hold, pending final label assignment, I can tell you that both the vocalist (death metal legend and bloody good friend David Ingram, with whom I worked for Echelon) and I are profoundly pleased with the result. Look for it in the "album covers" gallery on this site. 

And speaking of that....

I have redone the website. Previously the page was done on a Wordpress template. I was never truly satisfied with that design and interface so I alchemically distilled it all down to this, streamlined and consolidated version.

So, with a refreshed arsenal and renewed vigor, we begin the 2018 campaign. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and most importantly, don't forget that you can contribute to the war through my Patreon page.

Until the next transmission....