The Brimstone Aggrandizement, Shop the Cotton Factory, Shock Stock and the Night Market

Salve, citizens.

A few updates on projects as time marches on.

First and perhaps most significant, I have finally opened pre-orders for a signed and numbered limited print run for the art I did for the Echelon album The Brimstone Aggrandizement.

Click above to pre-order!

Click above to pre-order!

This will be limited to a print run of 66, signed and numbered and is available for a pre-order price of $50CAN. After the publishing on June 2, the price goes up to $60CAN, so grab them while you are able.

A bit last minute, but tomorrow (April 21), I will be at the Cotton Factory once again for the monthly Shop the Cotton Factory event, at which I will finally be premiering the prints for "Vir Sanctus Infelix Arborum".

Vir Sanctus Infelix Arborum - web.jpg


The prints of "Vir Sanctus..." will be available for general sale in the webstore after Shock Stock, which brings me to.... 

Next weekend (April 27-29), as I have said in my previous post, I will be at the Ramada in London for Shock Stock 2018. Join me, Kane Hodder, Tony Moran, and a bunch of weirdos I am proud to call friends.

After that, on June 2, I will once again be at the Cotton Factory, this time for the Night Market which will be in conjunction with Hamilton Arts Week. 

Apart from that, I have a piece I am about to finish which will be available, both original and in print form, soon. Apart from that, I have more album covers and some private commissions to complete. Arbeit macht frei, apparently.

More as the war progresses!