The Holy Hours

Salve, citizens.

Since my last post, things have gotten rather strange for me. I won’t bore you with details, save to say that peace of mind is becoming something of a myth.

Ravenous Dusk - web.jpg

While I work through my own issues, I am channelling all my efforts into a new series. A four-part series entitled “The Holy Hours”. The first 2 instalments have been completed and can now be viewed in the traditional gallery. They are “The Ravenous Dusk” and “The Moribund Midnight”

Moribund Midnight - web.jpg

Prints will be available soon in the webstore and the originals will be on the Etsy page before long.

Update from the Frontlines - June 16, 2019

Salve, citizens.

I have been profoundly lax in updating this part of the site. Consequently, I have neglected to post anything about my events over the last few months and relied solely on social media for that. Going forward, I intend to rectify that.

A few updates:

First, I would like to give a massive “thank you” to all the people who have helped to make the first half of the 2019 convention season spectacular (and I include art market events with that). And by that I mean the event organizers and the vendors, first and foremost. You guys are my tribe and I love you to death. Also, a big thank you to everyone who comes out to these events and shows support, either by buying or even just taking an interest.

Second, I am going to be taking a small hiatus from vending for the next few months. I have a number of projects I am attempting to finish and a few new items to add to the mix (not the least of which are shirts). I am also currently redesigning my booth display, so by the time Frightmare in the Falls rolls around, I should have a few surprises for you.

In the meantime, my prints are still available in the webstore here and my originals are still available in the Etsy store here.

Stay human, citizens! The war stops for no one!

end of line….

Recent updates to the war....

Salve, citizens. Some news from the frontlines....

This year has been a bit of a tough one for Atelier Propraetoria. I had moved from Kitchener to Hamilton at the end of 2017, which brought with it all manner of other changes, some of which have bled the treasury, so to speak. Mercifully, there has been a recent upsurge in sales of original pieces and commissions, which has helped. That said, times are still tough. I'll return to this in a bit.

Currently I am hacking away at a couple of pieces. I am doing a commissioned portrait for a good friend of mine who also happens to be one of my two "concert buddies". This one is slow going, but it will be interesting. Also on the board is a stand alone occult piece entitled "Verbis Morte". More plague doctor works are also on the horizon and album work for 2019.

Concerning convention actions for 2018, unless the aforementioned financial situation changes substantially in the next few months, I will be limiting it to one - Frightmare in the Falls.  


I've been looking forward to this convention since last year. This year it boasts some interesting and inspiring guests (the one I am most excited about is Doug "Pinhead" Bradley, whose "Spinechillers" recordings have given me no small amount of food for creation) and the usual galaxy of brilliant vendors.

As a result of this, however, this means that I will very likely not, after all, be showing up to Horror-rama or any of the other horror cons in Ontario, until next year's Shock Stock. 

On the other hand, I am currently pitching my works to galleries in Ontario once again. Hopefully I can find a few spaces to show my work which will not require a sacrifice to Saturn. Gallery showings may not be quite as lucrative as conventions, in general, but I feel most visual artists will agree that there is just something about having a collection of your work on the wall of a gallery or salon or even a cafe. 

I will be posting gallery appearances here and on my various social media as they are confirmed. In the meantime, Keep your eyes to the sky and your ears to the ground. This is the deep breath before the plunge.

end of line.....

The Funereal Sentinels

The contract is signed yet again, citizens.

For your contemplation and puzzlement, I present "The Funereal Sentinels".

Funereal Sentinels - web.jpg

It was pointed out to me recently that there is a lamentable dearth of female protagonists in my work. This is something which needs to change.




The Brimstone Aggrandizement, Shop the Cotton Factory, Shock Stock and the Night Market

Salve, citizens.

A few updates on projects as time marches on.

First and perhaps most significant, I have finally opened pre-orders for a signed and numbered limited print run for the art I did for the Echelon album The Brimstone Aggrandizement.

Click above to pre-order!

Click above to pre-order!

This will be limited to a print run of 66, signed and numbered and is available for a pre-order price of $50CAN. After the publishing on June 2, the price goes up to $60CAN, so grab them while you are able.

A bit last minute, but tomorrow (April 21), I will be at the Cotton Factory once again for the monthly Shop the Cotton Factory event, at which I will finally be premiering the prints for "Vir Sanctus Infelix Arborum".

Vir Sanctus Infelix Arborum - web.jpg


The prints of "Vir Sanctus..." will be available for general sale in the webstore after Shock Stock, which brings me to.... 

Next weekend (April 27-29), as I have said in my previous post, I will be at the Ramada in London for Shock Stock 2018. Join me, Kane Hodder, Tony Moran, and a bunch of weirdos I am proud to call friends.

After that, on June 2, I will once again be at the Cotton Factory, this time for the Night Market which will be in conjunction with Hamilton Arts Week. 

Apart from that, I have a piece I am about to finish which will be available, both original and in print form, soon. Apart from that, I have more album covers and some private commissions to complete. Arbeit macht frei, apparently.

More as the war progresses!



The 2018 Campaign begins....

Salve, citizens. 

Things are beginning to come together for this year's conquest. 


First up, as a battle drill, I will be at this Saturday's installment of Shop the Cotton Factory at 270 Sherman Avenue North in Hamilton. It's a gorgeous building with lovely people in it and I expect it will be a lot of fun. 


After that, I am tentatively booked for this year's Shock Stock in London, Ontario. More on that as I get it confirmed, but for now, expect to see me there. 

Outside of that, I am working on designs for the next album cover I am doing, a logo accompanying the last one I did, a few stand alone pieces and more. Stay tuned, citizens!!!

The base camp has been moved

Salve, citizens.

A lot has been going on in recent history. 

For starters, I have relocated Atelier Proprætoria to Hamilton. Kitchener has served me well, but Hamilton is where I was created. It is where Proprætor was born and where the deepest wellsprings of my inspiration were first truly tapped. It is my correct place and I have returned.

Currently, I am recovering from the move while also arranging vending gigs for early 2018 (close to confirming the first 2 for April) and getting my ducks in a row for other projects. Anno Pestis is proceeding slowly, The Anthropiary of Stonegarden is on hold but not dead and then there are the album covers.

In addition to an upcoming design for the third Echelon album and another unconfirmed cover, I recently completed an album cover for the new death metal band Hellfrost & Fire. While the reveal of this cover is on hold, pending final label assignment, I can tell you that both the vocalist (death metal legend and bloody good friend David Ingram, with whom I worked for Echelon) and I are profoundly pleased with the result. Look for it in the "album covers" gallery on this site. 

And speaking of that....

I have redone the website. Previously the page was done on a Wordpress template. I was never truly satisfied with that design and interface so I alchemically distilled it all down to this, streamlined and consolidated version.

So, with a refreshed arsenal and renewed vigor, we begin the 2018 campaign. Thanks to everyone for their ongoing support and most importantly, don't forget that you can contribute to the war through my Patreon page.

Until the next transmission....